Take Away #1: Why Journalism Matters

September 16th, 2013

Lecture #1 given by Professor Andy Clark

Cam Kennedy

“Informed citizens are engaged citizens” Andy Clarke said to first year Journalism students during his lecture Monday morning. A very interesting quote that really put into perspective as to why journalism is so prominent in the world today.  Journalism is our source of finding out information that maybe we wouldn’t know about unless we were right in the presence of where the news is occurring.

Some may say that maybe Journalism isn’t really that important, and yes, they may have their reasons, but what is a world without Journalism.

Journalism is news, good or bad, interesting or boring, but on so many levels, it is so crucial. People need to know information.

How can you cheer on your favourite sports team without journalism? Well, you would have to be at every game that your team played in because if you want the news that you obtain from journalists covering the sport, you’d have to do it yourself, which is considered journalism. No matter how much you try, you can’t live a life without journalism. Everywhere you look, you’ll see a source of journalism.

Technically, everyone in the world is a journalist, except not everyone has a degree or diploma in the field. Humans are journalists thanks to technology with objects that possess journalistic qualities like the IPhone, with its camera and ability to post or tweet in social media, or text someone, near or far, it makes journalism easy. But people also use their own mouths and talk gossip or factual information,that also can be considered journalism. Journalism changes lives, with the example of the Watergate situation and Hitler’s use of journalism during the Holocaust were two historical scenarios of journalism being used during the lecture given by Clarke today.

People tend to forget that institutions that we put our trust in such as school boards, and government buildings are covered through journalism. How are you able to elect a representative in a higher institution, someone who are used to trust and have full confidence in, if you don’t know information on them that journalism gives you.

All in all, no matter how much you deny it, we need journalism. It is so crucial in the world and is so prominent through television, radio, online sources and now through the biggest emergence in the world which is social media. Become informed, be engaged, and enjoy the beautiful art of journalism.


Takeaway #5

Cam Kennedy

October 21, 2013

In today’s lecture, Professor Andy Clarke discussed the importance of concrete details in our writing but also becoming experts on topics that we may not be familiar with.  Concrete details are insuring that in your report, you have proper names and settings listed, but also the proper spelling of the places and people. As soon as you get a quote from a person, the first thing you should do is ask them for their proper spelling of their first and last name, as well as their title. Without this information, your whole report becomes false, and takes away from all of the facts you have gathered for a story.

The second topic talked about today was applied research and becoming an expert in a field you aren’t necessarily familiar with. Somebody who may be more familiar on the topic of sports, may be asked to cover a story on a film festival, a foreign topic for this person, yet they are expected to become an expert on the topic right away. A journalist will have to begin research on a new topic by looking up contacts involved to gain more knowledge and build the foundation of their expertise on the topic.

A situation like this what journalism is all about. Journalism is everywhere and takes you to places that you may be uncomfortable with at first, but by stepping out of your safety zone, you will succeed as much as you want yourself to. A journalist has to start from the bottom, and work their way up the ladder, they have to open minded so that when they are offered a job involving foreign topics to their knowledge, they have to adapt. By adapting, the journalist will not only be someone relied on for their expertise on numerous topics, they will havemore opportunities come their way.


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