Canadian Forces deploys medical specialists to Sierra Leone

By Cam Kennedy

TRENTON – A Canadian Forces medical unit deployed to Sierra Leone early Thursday morning from Canadian Forces Base Trenton.

The purpose of the mission is to help combat Ebola, the virus that has killed more than 8,800 people in West Africa.

Before the team’s arrival in Sierra Leone, they will travel to the U.K. for further training to help prevent the group from contracting the virus.

During the final briefing before takeoff, Lieutenant General David Millar offered some final words of encouragement for the group.

“It is a real pleasure to be here, to send you off on what is about to be a tremendous life experience for all of you,” Millar said. “You as the Canadian Forces members, you as our medical specialists, are about to go do something absolutely terrific in a part of the world that needs you.”

Captain Kim Grimard is one of the 33 men and women who will provide aid in Sierra Leone and she felt the training they will receive will provide a safer experience.

“I feel excited and a bit nervous but I know the training that we will be receiving in England will reduce the risk of us getting the Ebola virus,” Grimard said. “It will get us ready for deployment.”

The mission is expected to last approximately 2 months.

Final handshakes before deployment to Sierra Leone


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