Who Would I Interview?

If I had to pick anybody in the world to interview, I would pick George Strait. He’s one of the all time most famous country music artists. With 60 number one hits in his career, he is at the top of the category in his genre.

The reasons why I would want to interview him are many. He is one of my favourite country music artists. He’s continued a career that has lasted 30 years and his music is some of the best that has ever been produced.

By having a music career that has lasted that long, he has had to keep a fan base along with competing with other artists who may appeal more to the younger generation. George recently showed that he is still relevant in the country music scene as he won the “Entertainer of the Year” at the American Country Music awards this past Sunday.

What I would want to ask Strait would be:

-What motivated you to start a country music career?

-Who were some of your early musical inspirations?

-What types of things inspire you to write some of your lyrics?

-How have you adapted to the changing music industry over the years?

-How have you kept pushing on during such a long music career?


Those are just a few of the questions that I would ask him but I do feel that his answers would definitely lead me to ask further questions. I’ve watched many of his interviews and he seems like such a great guy to interview.


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