Tracking the News #3

The headline of the story that I am analyzing is “Dogecoin helping pay for Jamaican bobsled team to compete in Sochi” by Jordan Chittley.  The article was published on CTV News on January 20.


Timeliness- The article is very timely because the Olympic qualifying events are taking place now ahead of the Games in Sochi a few weeks away. The Jamaican bobsled team is currently searching for the funds to send them to the Games.


Importance- The story is important because it truly is an odd situation but also a feel good story. Not too often does a team like Jamaica place themselves into the Winter Olympics, mostly because of their warm climate. With Jamaica’s bobsled team qualifying for Sochi, they had to provide the funds, approximately $80,000, in order to make it to Russia. This company, Dogecoin, provided the country with those funds.


Prominence-Jamaica isn’t exactly near Canada but this story about their bobsled team certainly does make headlines across the world. The other unusual part of this story is where the funding to send them to Sochi is coming from, making this a prominent story.


 Oddity- There is two oddities in this story. The first oddity is the Jamaican bobsled team qualifying for the Winter Olympics. The second one is the background of how they are getting the funds to get to Russia. This company, Dogecoin, is a company with their own currency based on an internet character. The character is a picture of a Shiba Inu dog that is featured on internet memes.


My reaction to the article was that I found it a bit this story a bit humorous.  When I heard that the Jamaican bobsled team qualified for the 2014 Winter Olympics, I thought it was a great feat. A country that doesn’t have the climate featuring cold weather puts their bobsled team on display for the world to see this February. The humorous part to this article is how they are going to be getting to Russia. The team had to pay $80,000 to get to the Olympics. With the country not having the funds to send the team to the Games, they had to really look into other resources. Paying their 80,000 fee was Dogecoin. A company that has produced a currency based on a picture of Japanese Shiba Inu dog that has floated around the internet. The pictures created feature the dog’s head with different captions that go along with the picture. First of all, the background that I learned about Dogecoin is ridiculous. What is the point in creating a currency based on a picture of a dog; it truly is a stupid idea to me. When I thought about this article and how the Jamaican bobsled team is getting their funding, the first thing I thought of was the 1993 film, Cool Runnings. That movie was loosely based on the story of the Jamaican bobsled team that qualified for the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. In the movie, members of the team try everything to raise money. From preforming musical acts in the streets to setting up kissing booths, they did what they could to try and get to Calgary. I guess the point of the story is doesn’t matter how you get to where you want to go, just as long as you get there.


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