Tracking the News #2

The headline of the story that I am analyzing is “Pakistani schoolboy who died stopping bomber recommended for bravery award” by Jibran Ahmad. The article was published in the Globe and Mail on January 10, 2014.

Timeliness- This article is very timely as it is very recent news. The event had only happened a couple of days before the article came out.

Importance- This article is extremely important. It is about a Pakistani teenager who sacrificed his life by tackling a suicide bomber before he could harm the boy’s village. The boy deserves an award of some sort. To have the courage to sacrifice your life for many others is truly amazing.

Prominence- Although the event took place in an other continent far away from here, it is still a prominent event. It is a story that deserves to be heard around the world.

Oddity- The oddity in the story is the event itself. I haven’t heard of many events like this. This event stands out because of the fact that although there is many different bombings that take place in the Middle East, a teenager doesn’t sacrifice their life everyday to do something like this boy did.

My reaction to the article was shock. It is truly amazing what this boy did. For someone his age at 17, it is such a mature and courageous thing for him to do. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what was going through his mind when he was in the situation that he was in. This boy deserves recognition all around the world and it seems like he is getting it. Any kind of award that symbolizes his bravery would be more than well deserved. The unfortunate thing about this story is the fact that the boy had to sacrifice his life. The crisis in the Middle East seems to be never ending. The news everyday is a constant update on the terror that takes place in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq or Pakistan. With these terrible stories, heroes emerge. They are the lesser known citizens, small pieces of the puzzle that is the war in these countries. Yet what these people do for their country trying to protect their people is so brave. In Canada, we are so fortunate to not be in the position that others are in. We have so much freedom, so much to be thankful for, yet I think we only seem to realize this when we read stories like this one. Unfortunately with all of that we posses, we seem to take for granted what we truly have, and in the case of this boy in Pakistan, what they would die for.


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