Tracking the News #1

The article “Golden State for Canada’s men hockey team?” by Rob Longley was published on Wednesday, January 8, 2014. The article was published by the Toronto Sun.      

After reading the article, I felt a bit of shock as the writer presented many facts that I was unaware of. The overall topic was how a third of Canada’s men’s Olympic hockey roster were players who played for NHL teams based out of California. The number one fact that caught my attention was not only all of the hockey talent based out of the California hockey teams, but also how the majority of the talents are Canadians. Another interesting note is that there were also a few other players from Canada on either the Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, or the San Jose Sharks that could’ve been on Team Canada. Three of these players were Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, and Logan Couture of the Sharks. If these three players would’ve been included in Canada’s roster, the grand total of Canadians playing in California would propel to eight players. Most people on the eastern side of the country don’t even follow the teams on the western sides of the US and Canada because of the time zone difference. Games starting at 7pm in a place like Los Angeles aren’t on in Ontario until 10pm, bed time for most. After the roster for our country’s hockey team was named, most people probably didn’t pick up that so many Canadians on the team play in California. It is a very interesting fact but what really matters is not only how well those certain guys play in Russia, but it is the team as a whole.


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