Tracking the News #1

1.Prince Fielder trade: Tigers stay a favourite: Griffin (Thursday, November 21, 2013)

2. The source of the story was Richard Griffin, a baseball columnist who wrote the article for The Toronto Star.

3. Timeliness- The article was published right after the trade between the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers had happened. With the baseball season having just ended, a blockbuster trade like this is definitely a big deal.

Importance- The trade is important because it involves two superstars of the game, Ian Kinsler and Prince Fielder. If the trade involved two minor league players, the news would definitely not be such breaking news.

Prominence- The story is prominent because the trade involves Prince Fielder and Ian Kinsler. The trade was a unique one player for one player trade, something that you don’t usually see too often in baseball, especially with two MLB all stars being involved.

Proximity-The story isn’t really close to my location. The trade was between the Detroit Tigers and the Texas Rangers, two baseball teams not located near me. However, just down the 401, Toronto has the Blue Jays, an MLB team. With the Blue Jays close enough in Toronto, the story still shakes up the baseball scene and has fans everywhere excited.

Oddities-The oddity in the story involves the players in the trade. Prince Fielder had just signed a long term contract with the Tigers, nobody was expecting him to be dealt like this. The trade also involves two high quality players being trade for each other. This event usually doesn’t happen, making it an odd and unique story.

My reaction to the story was shock. I still couldn’t believe this trade had taken place. This offseason in the MLB was supposed to be quiet. There aren’t many top free agents out on the market so a trade like this one gets people excited. Once I had read the article, I was able to understand why the trade had happened. The Tigers wanted to get rid of Fielder’s big contract. The Rangers wanted to get rid of Kinsler so they could open a spot for their top prospect, Jurickson Profar. Both teams had a goal in that trade and they both got what they wanted. The Tigers have done very well in the regular season and playoffs the past couple of years, yet they felt that Kinsler’s offensive production and defensive skills would top the production put out by Prince Fielder. Would this trade have happened if the Rangers didn’t have a young prospect like Profar? I would say no. Prince Fielder is a great player, yet he doesn’t have many other skills other than his production at the plate. He isn’t very athletic and isn’t a great defensive player. He will fit in Texas since they needed a first baseman. The Tigers didn’t necessarily need a second baseman, but now that Fielder is gone, they can move slugger Miguel Cabrera to first base. With the addition of Kinsler, the Tigers now have one of the most solid middle infields in the American League with shortstop Jose Iglesias teaming up with Kinsler. With both teams in the American League, who knows how much this trade will affect both squads. Richard Griffin’s analysis of the trade explains to baseball fans why everything had happened. With this trade taking place, I am anxious to see if anymore blockbuster signings or trades take place.



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