Take Away Assignment #4: Story Meetings

October 7th,2013

Cam Kennedy

During today’s morning class, we were given the opportunity to listen in on a story meeting that the 2nd and 3rd year JOPB students. Inside a story meeting we were able to listen into the students decide what important stories would be put into the newscasts of 91x, the college radio station and QNet News, the college online TV station. The students pitched the stories to Marissa Dragani, a professor at Loyalist College, where she decided which stories would be featured.

After the stories were pitched for the newscast, professor Dragani moved onto some current stories happening in the Quinte region. Stories that were featured included a scam involving the Bank of Montreal and a child pornography case. Dragani read out the topics and would decide which students would cover the stories based on the angle they would take on the subject.

Story meetings are very interesting. They are the foundation of what goes into a newscast. Many factors go into deciding where a story will be featured, it all depends on how relative the story is, along with how important it is. I look forward to participating in future story meetings and can’t wait to be more involved in the story selection process for future newscasts.


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