Jason McElwain is the perfect example as to why we as humans shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Jason lives with autism, but that didn’t stop him from being a normal high school student and also volunteering to be the water boy for the Greece Athena High basketball team based out of Rochester, New York. Jason helped out every way he could, whether it was motivating or keeping his team mates hydrated, he was always there to help.

Jason, known to have played a little bit of basketball, was given the chance of a life time during the final game of the team’s season. It was the regional championship and with his team up by a wide margin of points, the basketball coach pointed at Jason and told him to suit up in his uniform so he could play. The rest went down in history.

Jason entered the game with 5 minutes left. His team mates wanted desperately to get him at least 1 basket, but Jason didn’t want the bar set that low. After missing his first two shots, Jason hit his first shot, a 3 pointer, then kept going. “I was as hot as a pistol”, Jason said. That statement was very true as McElwain ended up shooting 6 for 7 from beyond the 3 point line and with another two point basket, Jason had a total of 20 points. His 20 points made him the game’s highest scorer.

Jason instantly became a celebrity, not just in Rochester, but all across the United States. He met former President George W. Bush, along with being on Oprah Winfrey’s show, the Today show, and Larry King Live. He also won the award for “Best Moment in Sports” during the 2006 ESPY’s ceremony.

Jason McElwain, an inspiration to us all.


Autistic Boy Goes From Water Boy to Hero

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